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Thanks again for another great year of constellations! I really enjoy your writing - poignant, sincere, honest. And thank you for the music insight as well.

2022 still felt like a strange year somehow - the continuing sense of a "return to normal" still didn't feel normal. Perhaps that's OK... we emerge from struggle as something new. The old normal fades and we strive to make the new normal better. I suppose 2022 for me felt like there were more high points than the past couple of years but maybe its best not to baseline the new year against previous years but embrace the new year on its own as something to move through without the shadow of prior years.

2022 was a year of movement - I moved at the end of 2021 and again early in 2022... but it was also a good year for running... probably my best since 2019. For 2023 I wanted to keep that movement going but also find more time to be still... to read, to write, to think outside the linear path I'm on.

Cheers to the grace we give, the grace we get in 2023 - all the best to you in 2023!


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