constellations #57: perfect song

Hi again.

Here’s a poem, by Heather Christle.

“Perfect Song”

I remember walking through the morning 
after a night of heavy snow and drink 
with headphones on and they played 
me the most perfect song: no one 
was awake and I was hungover 
young as clean as a piano 
I thought and at any moment 
someone might fall in love with me I was 
that woven into the electric 
cold bright air and for weeks 
after I went through the album 
in search of the song but could not 
find it and later much later I saw 
that what I had taken to be the song 
was in fact the joyous concordance of 
a moment that would not come again 

On the subject of music that makes you feel bright and alive, I would recommend revisiting the Big Thief Tiny Desk if you haven’t done so recently.

OK, that’s all. Hope this week brings you that joyous concordance. Until next time.